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It all began for one reason. Just one. You. When Tim began his own search through studies, experiences and relationships he discovered not only his purpose, but that he was able to wrap it up in a single word: "regenerator." So, as it turned out his gift is helping you find yours. His trademarked LifeFLOW System®, Life-Legacy Pyramid®, Trail of Transformation® and other original, proprietary models and exercises are much more than a guide to help discover your purpose, they all work together creating an opportunity to articulate your vision and step-by-step coaching to write the "Perfect as You Can Plan" to ensure you succeed. And it doesn't matter from which point you start. You could be a recent graduate or wishing you were, or perhaps considering a career change, or recovering from a physical, emotional or financial set-back. Frankly, you could simply be dissatisfied and need a fresh start. You know there is something more. Something bigger. More exciting. More, well . . . you. The important point is to drive a stake in the ground and begin. And, that's where “Purposely Fit®," comes in.

The LifeFLOW System® makes life an epic adventure, where what awaits is true joy and vitality. So, get your boots, and as Tim likes to say, "Let's Go!" But first a bit more about Tim: As a copywriter he started a small marketing firm at age 27. As the firm grew, he earned an MBA and began speaking as a marketer and motivator. By 2004, he began working primarily with individual professionals to optimize their performance. He then earned a Master’s in Exercise Physiology and became a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). Tim has completed many marathons and triathlons, has climbed Rainier (Seattle), McKinley (Alaska), Kilimanjaro (Africa), HuShun (China), and has experience in rock climbing, and desert survival, as well as having served as a youth coach, Taekwondo instructor and a mentor for many.

From Tim's LifeFLOW System® to his Trail of Transformation® to his education, experience and crazy discipline for wellness, you can be assured you now have within your grasp a ticket for the single most important, and exciting, journey for which you could ever embark. It's your quest. Your life. And you have just one. Make the most of it by discovering your unique design and purposely threading it into the fabric of a greater community. “Purposely Fit®” provides Life Coaching, Complete Fitness Programs and Healthy Weight Loss Plans nationwide via phone and wireless web technology. Visit “” or contact Tim at

“Be Light. Be Strong. Become.” has been our founder’s mantra for years. In 2012 it appeared in his first book, “Fitoids: Simple Truths to Lose Weight, Gain Strength and Be Happy,” and subsequently two-thirds of it became the name of our online training business. Fast forward to 2018 with a second book scheduled to be published in time for the holidays, “Purposely Fit: 5 Simple Steps to a Legacy.” Anticipating its success with over 300 pages to help people get fit and stay fit, so as to optimize their health to maximize their life purpose - and ultimately leave a lasting legacy – our training and content generation studio is now “Purposely Fit.®” Check out the new logo. And our new blog:

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OUR purpose

We are Life-Legacy Sherpa's, an uncommon combination of coach, trainer and guide, with a commitment to optimize the health and maximize the purpose of others, opening the possibilities for their summit experience; that is a realized vision, and ultimately, a lasting legacy.


One day at a time. That's how it's done. But there's more. You need to be well, if you are to give your best You also need to know where you could be if you dared to dream. It's time to understand your begin point and to have a set of goals and strategies to guide you toward a better tomorrow - and perhaps a Sherpa to carry the weight of your personal PF Life-Legacy Plan. Our 15 small steps will prepare you for the one giant leap that can put you ahead.

Tim Martin Bio, 2018

OUR vision

Optimizing the health and maximizing the purpose of many, our collective impact is introducing thousands  to Christ, bringing glory to Him, and joy to those completing the Purposely Fit program. We are creating lasting legacies because of  our books, workshops, and our day-to-day client interactions.



We discovered that those who are passionately seeking to discover, develop or deploy their purpose become our most successful clients. They are far more likely to attain the body image they desire. And, they have an outrageously high probability of maintaining it. Amazing results are an outcome of broadening your experience to include body, mind, spirit and balance all bound by the PF "steely" discipline.

Skills Include

Fitness Training

Nutrition Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Life Coaching

Legacy Guidance